I acknowledge having visited the vehicle and found that his condition is leaving, and I promise not to touch or lead seals, or the meter on pain of paying Cars On Line in the amount corresponding to 1000 km / day.


Also I agree to return the vehicle with all its tires, accessories and equipment, the On Line Cars resort town where the vehicle was rented, where the date and the place provided for the return, where at an earlier date than specified on request on Line Cars. Unless expressly authorized by extension On Line Cars, the failure to return on time will be considered a diversion exposing me to prosecution.

The five tires are in good condition on delivery, wear is normal, but in case of abnormal deterioration or failure of one of them, I pledge to replace it immediately with another of the same brand and same size.

By the end of the rental, I will restore all the necessary documents, driving the vehicle, failing which the parts being essential to rent, I agree to pay to On Line Cars day of delay until delivery of said parts.


I recognize that the vehicle is in good working order and in good condition and I am required to pay the fuel consumed during the rental period. Repairs from an abnormal fault or negligence on my part (checking water levels, oil and gearbox) will be my responsibility. Repairs from normal breakdown will be the On Line Cars charge and will be a receipt, detailed and accompanied by defective parts replaced in any case, I cannot claim compensation for delay or the delivery of the vehicle or cancellation of lease is due to necessary repairs due to normal wear and tear occurred during the rental.



The amount I rent is payable in advance, the franchise is required, it can be used for extension without the On Line Cars agreement. If On Line Cars grant me an extension, I agree to send the amount of additional rent 48 hours before the expiry of the current lease.

I undertake not to oppose the payment or guarantee the franchise left if this franchise set:

- Unjustified damage

- Loss of papers

- Pound fee or other as appropriate, provided that our company provides the necessary evidence.


Offenses and infringements

All fines, fees, expenses and taxes on all offenses relating to traffic, parking or other, during the term of this contract are in my care.



I agree that the vehicle is not used:

I-For transporting passengers for remuneration, that remuneration was set explicitly or implicitly.

2-For the transportation of goods in strip against causing immobilization or impoundment of the vehicle by the authorities on pain of paying for On Line Cars vehicle prices following the year argus plus compensation of 20,000.00 and dh any fees on Line Cars will be made in case of lawsuits.

3-To propel or pull any one vehicle or trailer.

4-In the context of motor sport competitions.

5-For any person under the influence of liquor or narcotics.

6-In addition, the vehicle may be driven only by the persons designated in the contract, subject to the prior authorization of On Line Cars, provided that such persons are aged at least 25 years and holders a lead regulatory permit for at least one year.



I have read the general conditions of the On Line Cars insurance policy and agree to:

I .Payer On Line Cars expenses incurred for the repair of damage due to collision or other damage to the vehicle and under my responsibility during the term of this contract. This responsibility will be:

a. Limited to the maximum amount specified in the applicable price on brochures On Line Cars.

b. Having missed if I accept to pay in advance the fee provided for in case of pure waiver of such damages On Line Cars; acceptance ascertained by affixing my initials in the box reserved for this purpose on this el contract the phrase "I agree".

Also I ask to be guaranteed by the individual policy people transported accepted by On Line Cars, I agree with this policy by wearing my initials in the box reserved for this purpose on this contract, I benefit from the guarantee as provided there related mentioned in on Line Cars brochures according to the tariff.

Not included in this warranty. The radio, telephone, accessories, abnormal tire damage, damage caused to organs located beneath the vehicle, all clothes or objects found inside the car trunk or on the roof of the gallery where the customer remains his own insurer.

The customer will release its contribution to the costs for an additional insurance in case of accident, the insurance supplements do not include the repatriation of the car or capital costs estimated at 5O of ​​the rental price day (maximum 10 days).


On Line Cars cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to any arbitrary goods and values ​​transported or left in or on the vehicle during the term of this Agreement or after the return of the vehicle to On Line Cars, as I release On Line Cars from liability for all actions, claims and damage costs resulting from such losses or damages.

Article VI


I give this Contract, the police said to my right, and I undertake to observe the terms and conditions, I also commit myself more, on pain of being deprived of the benefit of insurance to take all necessary measures to protect the interests of on Line Cars and its insurance company in case of accident during the term of this contract, including:

1- To collect in writing the name and address of the persons involved and witnesses.

2- Do not recognize his responsibility or his fault, nor deal with third parties.

3- Do not leave the vehicle without taking care to ensure its preservation and safety.

4- To provide a detailed account by phone at the station nearest On Line Cars.

5- To inform the police immediately if a third offense must be established or there are injuries.

6. A notice of the place On Line Cars, date and time of the accident.

7- To declare in writing, claims in the following five days. (24 hours for the flight) with supporting the finding of the police or gendarmerie, noting the names and addresses of the parties and witnesses.

8 - To pay for On Line Cars fault accident when a franchise:


A 700 € B 800 € C 900 €
D 1200 € E 1400 € F 1500 €
F+/Satan 1800 € Prestige 2500 €

The damage waiver insurance after producing its full effect make a declaration in case of accident.


I- I have to, not assign, sell, mortgage, or pledge the vehicle of this contract, its equipment or tools or treat them in a way to prejudice On Line Cars.

2- All changes to the terms and conditions of this contract if they are not in writing, will be null and void

3- This rental agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the country where the contract was signed for any disputes concerning the interpretation and execution of this contract, the parties give exclusive jurisdiction to the courts of the seat head of on Line Cars.